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Month: November 2012

Secession Data in Real-Time(ish)

Secession Data in Real-Time(ish)

Last night I ended up on a blog post via Facebook that was talking about people in states signing petitions for the right to secede from the United States. Let me preface this with I could care less either way I’m merely fascinated with numbers. The thing that caught my eye was how people were attempting to keep track of how many people had signed the petitions. Posting multiple “Update” blocks at the end of their blog post (I found it on multiple sites). I thought this was a little antiquated and there should be a nice intuitive interface to get the data.

After a little bit of playing in python and jQuery I had a small page up that is updated periodically (every 5 mins) with the latest data.


If there are new states let me know and I will add them. As of now these are the states that I know of that have created a petition.


Link to page


// lance