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Month: June 2014

DIY Queen Pallet Bed and Headboard

DIY Queen Pallet Bed and Headboard

DSC_7499 DSC_7488

So, I’ve been looking around and toying with the idea of getting a “grown-up” bed for some time now. The college days of a $30 frame holding up the box springs were over. I walked around World Market a few weeks ago, and it was then that I really decided that I wanted a more adult looking bed. The price tag for furniture still astounds me most days. So, naturally, I fired up Google and started poking around. I ended up looking at pallet furniture ( which is basically furniture made from re-purposed pallets ). I found this guy’s posts (headboard and bed) and was convinced I could build it without much of a problem. I also wanted something smaller, so Packets could get on and off the bed without me worrying about him breaking his legs each time. The plans I found were perfect for those goals. All in all, it cost me about $130-140 for the headboard and bed. I pretty much used the plans found on his site. Except, I modified the measurements to fit a queen size bed instead of a king.


Quick trip to Lowe’s resulted in some lumber. IMG_1496 IMG_1499


I finally got to use my new Kreg pocket hole jig and clamp. Best money I’ve spent in a while…seriously. IMG_1500 IMG_1501


Chloe swore up and down that the bed was way too small. I told her to prove it.
She, Packets and his 50ft leash fit nicely. IMG_1502




She’s not into sanding…. but beating up the wood with a bag of random hardware was her thing. IMG_1511


Sanding for hours.IMG_1513 IMG_1515


Packets and his ham.IMG_1522


Mom and Chloe staining. We used Rust-Oleum Dark Walnut.IMG_1524


We waited about a min or so, then wiped off the stain with rags. I took some 220 sand paper and LIGHTLY sanded the stain, so that it was a little uneven. IMG_1535


I brought the bed into my bedroom and made quick use of my staple gun. Notice I used a 2×4 as a spacer. IMG_1540 IMG_1541 IMG_1544


Packets checking out how it’s going.IMG_1545

Here is where the headboard was started. Looking for a good excuse to used the pocket hole jig, I made some holes in the bottom board.IMG_1553


All we needed to do here was know how wide the head board needed to be. Then, we picked one or two random numbers and cut to those lengths. The last board for each row just needed to make the row equal to the width of the headboard. Taking a sharpie, we noted the row each board belonged in. I then took each row and sanded them smooth with 80/220. I also drilled holes in the ends of the boards to make them appear to be old pallet boards. I beat the drilled holes with a hammer too, to add to the effect.IMG_1555

We then took some of the spare 1×3 wood from the bed slats and pulled all the rows flush with screws. IMG_1560

Each row was individually stained by Chloe. She left the stain on longer on some boards and put water on some. The effect was pretty cool. The headboard appears it was made from different kinds of wood. But it was all the same kind of wood and same stain. IMG_1558

Some more pocket holes to pull the top down.IMG_1559

Put on a thin coat of satin polyurethaneIMG_1561 IMG_1563


The end result.



// lance

DIY Pallet Dog Bed

DIY Pallet Dog Bed


While I was waiting on some stain to dry on a bed frame I was building, I glanced over and noticed I had a pretty good amount of leftover wood. I glanced down at Packets who was sleeping in his bed and the wheels started turning. I had more than enough extra wood to make a miniature version of my bed. I figured “ehh why not”

Cut List:

  • 2×6 @ 22in X 2
  • 2×6 @ 14in X 2
  • 1×3 @ 26in X 2
  • 1×3 @ 11&3/8 X 1
  • 1×3 @ 22in X 2
  • 1×3 @ 11&1/4 X 6
  • 1×2 @ random widths that equal width of the bed

IMG_1527 IMG_1526


I made sure everything was square. Also, I put the ugly sides of the wood down and on the inside.IMG_1528   IMG_1531


I put the top on with some glue and staples from a pneumatic staple gun. I figured that with glue and staples, a 3lb yorkie probably can’t knock it loose. I apologize for the poor quality photo, I wasn’t paying attention. IMG_1532


This is after filling in staples with filler and sanding with 80/220. I rubbed on some stain and let it dry.IMG_1534


Next, a test fit with Packets to make sure the bed would work. It is a standard pillow with a grey pillow case. You can see my bed in the background getting a coat of poly. IMG_1537


I took the scraps of the slates from my bed and stapled them to a piece of 1×3 running along the long side of the bed. IMG_1536


I used the same technique as the the one used on my bed. Some spare 1x2s and 1x3s were cut up to mimic the appearance of my bed. This is the front.IMG_1547 IMG_1549 IMG_1552

Here is the headboard and bed screwed together with a coat of satin poly drying. IMG_1548


Packets checking out his new bed.DSC_7519


// lance

DIY Key Hanger

DIY Key Hanger


After spending countless hours looking for my keys, I decided it was time to buy/make a key hanger. I looked around on Pinterest and Etsy for a while before deciding on a basic design to begin with. I liked this one and this one. The design I came up with is a mix of both. I liked the chalkboard design, except without most of the materials being leftovers, it would cost way too much to buy and build. The other design is nice, but I ultimately decided it was too bland.

I happened to have the leftover top from a desk that I was cutting down to make two bedroom end tables ( I’ll post about that later ). When I unscrewed the top, I noticed how bent it was and how it wouldn’t work for my end tables. Something told me to hang on to it. Turns out, it was perfect for this.



I looked for the “most straight-ish” piece that I could find and cut two small pieces out. I made sure to utilize the routed edge of the top as the top of my key holder. The desk had a hard life before I got it, so there was already a somewhat distressed look in the wood grain. Luckily, the underside of the top had some 1×1.5 inch slats under it. I took those off to be used as spacers for the front. I took my orbital sander and sanded everything with 80 then smoothed it out with 220 grit sand paper. Next, Chloe grabbed some Rust-Oleum “Dark Walnut” and stained it. I used some 160 grit sandpaper that I had left over to scuff up the edges and get it a distressed look (less is more).


10385412_559385930368_6764651736286766228_n 10365889_559385915398_716956980857860620_n 10363483_559385900428_6989503144448929061_n

After letting the stain dry, I lined up the hooks where they looked decent and evenly spaced. Chloe and I went to Hobby Lobby and found a old-ish looking glass milk bottle on sale for %50 off. I attempted to find a pipe tie strap like used in this design. However, I don’t think that Lowes carries that product anymore. With this in mind, I went after a radiator clamp and mounted it on the key holder with a screw  (I drilled a hole in the clamp for the screw to go through).

10334413_559385970288_9163994550764635191_n 10013625_559385985258_1191244014207332184_n

The end result is a simple, little key holder that can also hold mail. I will try in the future to take more photos, to achieve a more detailed walk-through.



// lance