DIY Key Hanger

DIY Key Hanger


After spending countless hours looking for my keys, I decided it was time to buy/make a key hanger. I looked around on Pinterest and Etsy for a while before deciding on a basic design to begin with. I liked this one and this one. The design I came up with is a mix of both. I liked the chalkboard design, except without most of the materials being leftovers, it would cost way too much to buy and build. The other design is nice, but I ultimately decided it was too bland.

I happened to have the leftover top from a desk that I was cutting down to make two bedroom end tables ( I’ll post about that later ). When I unscrewed the top, I noticed how bent it was and how it wouldn’t work for my end tables. Something told me to hang on to it. Turns out, it was perfect for this.



I looked for the “most straight-ish” piece that I could find and cut two small pieces out. I made sure to utilize the routed edge of the top as the top of my key holder. The desk had a hard life before I got it, so there was already a somewhat distressed look in the wood grain. Luckily, the underside of the top had some 1×1.5 inch slats under it. I took those off to be used as spacers for the front. I took my orbital sander and sanded everything with 80 then smoothed it out with 220 grit sand paper. Next, Chloe grabbed some Rust-Oleum “Dark Walnut” and stained it. I used some 160 grit sandpaper that I had left over to scuff up the edges and get it a distressed look (less is more).


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After letting the stain dry, I lined up the hooks where they looked decent and evenly spaced. Chloe and I went to Hobby Lobby and found a old-ish looking glass milk bottle on sale for %50 off. I attempted to find a pipe tie strap like used in this design. However, I don’t think that Lowes carries that product anymore. With this in mind, I went after a radiator clamp and mounted it on the key holder with a screw  (I drilled a hole in the clamp for the screw to go through).

10334413_559385970288_9163994550764635191_n 10013625_559385985258_1191244014207332184_n

The end result is a simple, little key holder that can also hold mail. I will try in the future to take more photos, to achieve a more detailed walk-through.



// lance


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